Welcome to my page

My name is Max. I am new to HTML, etc.

Max Caudle

I'm not really sure why I led with that, I guess mainly so you don't judge this website too harshly. I was originally going to just make the 'controls' page, but then just kinda kept going...

Anyway, as an about me: I climb and am into Data Science (check out my projects page, I'm low-key kinda psyched on them). That's kinda it.

Max Caudle Climbing

I guess I'd like to say that I work hard and am really smart and like problem solving, but you and I both know that's what everyone says, so I won't say it. Everyone in Boulder seems to have a personal brand, I like Volcom pants I guess. I was going to develop and carefully curate a brand, but that just seemed kinda fake and I can typically see through those. I'm honestly just trying to impress my dad and get a dog, but that doesn't really seem like a brand. I'll leave it at:

Max Caudle: Volcom brand skinny jeans.