Auto App

Here's the Github Linkopens in new tab. So this project is a mixture of cool and silly. To quote my... IDK... friend (?) Phil:

you’ve made a bot. congratulations 🎉

So, if it hasn't been made clear enough, I'm currently looking for a job in Data Science - ideally Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Computer Vision - that stuff is cool. Anyway, this project was an attempt to streamline the job application project. It exclusively works with AngelList, their application process is extremely streamlined. Applying to jobs on other sites would quickly become a game of "how many different boxes/labels are there".

So this project starts a Seleniumopens in new tab driver, navigates to AngelList, logs in, navigates to a URL that should include your desired filters, and applies to all the jobs on the page. It works, pretty well. Something I've learned trying to automate Web Browsing is that there are too many variables and too many little changes for something to be 100% robust.

E.G. you have to wait for a pop-up window to open before you can interact with it (duh). But how long do you wait? 5 seconds? 10? 2? For this application, 2 seconds seemed to work 99% of the time, I didn't want to wait the extra 3 seconds for 1% more accuracy so I set it to 2. But, sometimes, it breaks because the site hasn't loaded the popup yet. I could wrap it in a try/except but there are a ton of possible issues you can hit. This was just an example.

It also pulls the recruiters name (if there is one, otherwise it says "Dear Hiring Manager"). I also implemented some A/B testing. Every other job application gets the same 'cover letter' so the even numbered job apps get one that says it was applied to with a script, the odd numbered ones don't talk about the script. I'll post my results in awhile, once some more come in. Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. Watch this video if you're still curious (it's in real time):