Mason Caiby

My name is Mason. I am new to climbing.

I'm not really sure what to put on this page. I kinda just made it so I would have another page on my radical website.

Isn't it rad.

I guess I could include a link to my 8a.nuopens in new tab.

Wow-wee isn't that cool. Here's carousel of climbing movies from Vimeo, I'm in them.

Isn't this nice?

I mainly climb for the instagram pictures, climbing is super in right now. I've heard you are allowed to buy coffee from Boxcar if you've sent 5.13. Unfortunately, I decided that The Racistopens in new tab would be my first 5.13, and I haven't sent that one yet...

IDK man, it's super weird I take climbing super seriously, it's a huge part of my life and I really really care about climbing well, but I don't keep up with the world of climbing and my go-to shoes have been around since I started climbing (they're the best on the market but still). I just like getting outside (or inside if it's a week day) solving problems and trying real, real hard. I guess I've been trying to figure out how to explain my climbing affliction to others and myself, but kinda just keep saying random contradictory cliche sayings. Here's a quote from my page, I guess:

I learned the art of rock dancing from the cliffs at Belle Isle, Manny Wall, and [terrible] setting of Peak Experiences. Still dreaming of that sweet sweet southeastern sandstone. Maybe one day I can climb a proper 5.13. Goals:

  • Hate mail for my grading ethics
  • Proper 5.13
  • I just want girls to like me when I take my shirt off