Welcome to my genetic art project


Mutating Masterpieces

I'm not going to copy my Github's README.md file or anything onto this page. This was meant more as an intro to the project and an explanation of research I did. I really just want you to click on the githubopens in new tab link if you want some in depth results and a guide to my code.

I recently got inspired to start working on some computer generated art projects. I was interested in making a fractal drawing algorithm, but apparently that's really hard. I also maybe don't understand them all the way? Anyway, I'll revisit that sometime soonish maybe. I want to clean up some old repos first...
ANYWHO, I implemented a genetic art algorithm, which was actually way easier than I originally thought it would be. It probably took me... an hour or two (I haven't used PIL in awhile) to get the first version (add_children) working. Then I also added something that just mutated existing shapes. They both perform adequately. I think I could tweak both a bit to get better results, but I'm honestly happy with where they are. The fixed population sized one's error obsessionally increases, but that's because of the way I'm drawing the shapes and I don't want to increase the over head to avoid that. I'll let both algorihms run for a bit and add some images to this page soon.