This page is Meta

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This website was originally just going to be the controls page (which you can't access without the login info). But then kinda became a personal website. It's ok. The website is currently running on a raspberry pi that is in a box screwed to the bottom of a table outside of my girlfriend's condo. I apologize for any laggy behavior.

The main delay I've hit is loading a lot of images at once, it, I believe, is from the pi's SD card storage. I wonder if I could optimize that somehow?

It is a flask / bootstrapped website. Idk if y'all care about this or any of the smaller features I got running on it, but I've had a lot of fun building it out (the entire purpose of personal projects I think), think some of the things are pretty cool, and also learned a TON of stuff. Port Forwarding. I don't really know what to include on this site, so I've kinda just been rambling about random things and projects. I should probably work on some ML projects too. But yeah, it's ok. Browse around, hit me up with questions or comments or ideas on things to add to this.